Thursday, June 30, 2011

I know it is not July 1st until tomorrow but I am so excited I could not wait to show you.  It is time for our Santa Sack Exchange.  Joyce from is my swap partner.  I am so fortunate that Joyce and I work in the same city and we get to go to lunch from time to time.  Joyce is a total sweet heart and I am enjoying getting to now her.  You should visit her blog.  This is what Joyce gave me and I just love my bag.  Joyce went to alot of work can you see the beautiful quilting.  Thank you so much Joyce I love love it.

We are suppose to send each other 2 gifts a month.  Now for the hard part we can not open them until Christmas.  I feel like a little kid again and I can not wait until Christmas.

This is the bag I gave Joyce.  I feel bad I did not even quilt it because I was so worried about the draw string and how I was going to do it so you can just pull both ends and it pulls together.  Thank goodness for the internet I learned something new.

This is what I put in her sack.

Thank you so much Cheryll
for organizing this swap.

Well until tomorrow.




  1. So cute! Is it not just so fun to get these yummies in the mail..enjoy your holiday weekend! Smiles...Renee

  2. dont worry it is July 1 in Australia - looks like you both got a great deal!

  3. What a great idea. It is nice you and Joyce live in the same city and can have lunch now and then! Enjoy this fun project...Christmas will be fun!

  4. Sound like a fun Swap-----all except that "wait 'til Christmas."

  5. I agree with Betty Lou...I would be on "pins and needles" waiting until Christmas!!


  6. Well done both of you. I love your Snowman bag and your beautiful gift wrapping.

  7. Both bags are wonderful.... I think the fun part is that we are all going to get something different... no peeping now!!

  8. 5 months of anticipation! Don't think I could stand it ~ hahaha! Great idea and nice to know you're enjoying the experience:)

    Hope you have a happy 4th!


  9. So much fun to get new presents every month and the anticipation builds every month.

  10. Both bags are wonderful hon, and how lovely that you can actually meet your partner for lunch! I don't know how you're going to keep from opening those - it would half kill me!

  11. Beautiful sacks !
    and how Lucky that you both can meet and have lunch together.

  12. Both these sacks look great. How good you can meet for lunch. Do you exchange presents and ask a sneaky question or two over lunch!!!!!! That would be such fun.

  13. I LoVe the colour of your "sack" and I just know you do too!!!! How much FUN is this going to be.
    Cheers :)