Monday, May 23, 2016

Sew Sweet Bee

Happy Monday sweet friends!

Today is another dreary day.  Looking  like
rain.  We did get a little sunshine yesterday.
But I am beginning to think we need web feet
over here.  lol!

This is this months Sew Sweet Bee Block.   This 
is for Kathy.  She does not have a blog but you can 
find her at cowboyandt on Instagram.  She asked for
the Honey Bee block by Erin over at Why Not Sew
I loved making this block.  It really is a fun block.  If
you would like to make one too you can find the tutorial 
here.  Thank you Erin for such a fun block and easy 

Hope y'all have a beautiful week.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sew Sweet Bee

Hello chickadees!

Happy Wednesday, I have been getting the best 

It is my turn in the sew sweet bee.  
I wanted to make a yummy strawberry quilt with reds.
So I picked the strawberry block out Lori Holts Vintage
Farm Girl Book.  If you still need the book you can 
find it here.   I have received most of my blocks.
This year I thought I would sew them together as they
come in the mail.  I am making a few fill in blocks but
I am having trouble with red fabrics as I do not collect a 
lot of them. So my part my take a wee bit longer.

Hope you are have a wonderful day.


Monday, May 16, 2016


Hello sweets!
Hope y'all have been doing well?
It is another rainy day in Texas.
One good thing about our rainy weather is 
that the sun is not out and it is not HOT. lol

A few weeks ago we had ocean front property.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably 
saw more pictures.  This is part of our back yard.
We are so blessed that our house is up about 
4 ft ish above the ground.  This is a reason why
most Texas homes do not have basements. ( I 
would so love to have a basement.)  Our garage was
not so lucky, we got water in it for the first time.
Hubby has been working on the weekends non
stop to get it back to where is used to be.  We
count our blessings, some of the homes that where
just restored back in an area of Houston got flooded
again.  My prayers go out to those families. 

I have new Lecien lines in the shop.  Come take a peek.

For some of you that used to shop in
I have closed that part of my shop and will only be selling
on Etsy.  I am trying to simplify my life and it was hard trying
to keep up the inventory in both shops.

I am offering FREE shipping in my Etsy shop if you order$50 or more.

Hope you have a beautiful day


Friday, April 8, 2016

Sew Sweet Bee Blocks

Happy Friday sweet blogging friends.

The birds are cherping outside and it
sounds so good.

I am a little behind on posting about the
Sew Sweet Bee blocks I made.

In February Alicia was Queen Bee, she asked 
for heart blocks in pretty floral's.  She picked this
 pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew very easy to make.  
Alicia does not have a blog but she is on InstaGram 
if you want to see more of her blcoks she is under 

March Queen Bee was Cathy over at A Quilting Chick.
She asked for 30's fabric.  My favorite!  At first this
block was scary.  But once I figured it out it was mostly
1/2 squares triangles.  Easy peasy.  This block is called
Star Surround by Happy Quilting Melissa.

If you are leary about making half square triangles
you shouldn't be.  They are easy once you figure
out how to square them up.  I have a tutorial here 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Has Sprung and Some Quilting

Good morning sweet friends.

Our weather has been awesome.  You can
tell Spring is here.  We have the cutest little
bunnies in our yard.

I did a little customer quilting this weekend and it 
felt so good.  These quilts where made by Carla from

I just love the little racoon in this quilt.

Look what my sweet hubby finished making me
while I was at retreat.  He took an old sewing machine
and added the lamp do dads to make a lamp for behind
our sofa.  Aww sewing machine love.

Hope y'all have a beautiful week.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Back From Retreat

Hello sweet friends.
Hope y'all are all doing well and had a wonderful
Easter.  We had lunch with family and just enjoyed
each others company.

I went on a quilt retreat in LaGrange Texas last week.
One of my projects was to make a Crown Royal quilt
for my niece's hubby.  I got a lot done on it.  Still think
it should be longer so I am going to add 2 or 3 more rows.

Back in 2014 Lori over at Bee In My Bonnet did
a tutorial on Scrappy Cross Roads block.  Well, I am
just finishing it.  All I have to do is quilt it and bind
it.  Thinking about doing a scrappy binding when it is
done.  I will show you more when I am finished
hopefully it will not take me a couple of years.  lol!

Hope you had a great Monday.


Monday, February 8, 2016

How To Sew Boarders On Your Quilt

Hello sweet friends.
I had a friend that asked me how I sew my boarders
on.  So I thought I would do a blog post about it.
Hope this helps.

The first thing that I do is measure the top and bottom of my
quilt.  I always sew the top and bottom boarders on first and then
 I sew the side boarders on.

In this case the top and bottom of my quilt measures
12 1/2 inches so I cut two stripes 12 1/2 inches long one for
 the top boarder of my quilt and one for the bottom boarder.
( I am doing a wall hanging)

This is the trick to not having wavy boarders.  You need to
measure the sides of your quilt before you cut your boarders.  
When you cut your boarders and sew them on and trim the ends, this
is where the wavyness (if that is a word lol!) comes from.
When you do that it makes the boarders to big, they will have
 to much fullness.

Then it is important to pin your boarder lining it up at each end.

After you have pinned your boarder on each end I lay everything
out flat and pin the center.  

 I start to add pins in between to hold the boarder on.
It is ok to use as may pins as you need.  
Just remember to remove your pin right before you sew in
that spot so you do not run over the pin with your needle.

After you sew your boarder on it is important to set
your seems.  Please PRESS do not iron, by ironing
that will also contribute to wavy boarders as well.

Then PRESS open.

Now repeat doing the same thing for the sides.

This is my end result.
Hope this help sweet friends.

Hope you have a beautiful week.