Wednesday, April 1, 2015

12 inch Cherry Basket Block

Hello sweet friends.
Can you believe it is already April 1st.  Wow!
April is my month to be the queen bee in Sew Sweet Bee.
I saw a vintage quilt many years ago made out of Cherry Baskets and have always wanted to make one.   So I am going to ask my Sew Sweet Bee keepers to please make me this block.
In my previous post I share how to make the half square triangles for this block.

You will need
3  3 1/2 inch light squares
3  3/12 inch dark squares

Using a your quarter inch seam maker draw 2 lines on either side.
(Please see my previous post for the tutorial)

Sew along your lines.

Then using your ruler line up the seam to a 1/4 of an inch and cut in half diagonally.

You will end up with 6 half square triangles.
(Please see previous post on how I squared up my half square triangles to 2 7/8 inch blocks.)

Cut 3  3 1/4 inch dark squares,
Cut each square in half diagonally so that you will 6 triangles.

Sew 3 of your half square triangles together.
Sew one of your triangles to the top of unit 1

Sew 2 half square triangles together.
Sew a triangle to the top of unit 2

Sew one half square triangle to a triangle this will be unit 3.

You are going to sew unit 1 and 2 together like shown.
Sew unit 3 on like shown.

Sew your fourth triangle to end of the basket like this lay out.

This is what your basket will look like so far.

Cut 2  2 7/8 x 7 3/4 inch light strips.
Sew the remaining 2 triangles to end of the strips so they look like this.

Sew each strip to the right and the left sides of the basket.

Cut one 5 5/8 inch square.
Cut it in half diagonally. (you will only use 1)
Sew it to the bottom of the basket.

Cut 1  1 1/2  x 14 inch strip for your basket handle. (on the bias)
( I will cut mine a little longer just to make sure I have enough and trim )

Sew wrong sides together using 1/8 inch seam allowance.
Press your seam open on the back so that the raw edges do not show up on the the front.

Cut 1  10 1/2 inch light square.
Cut it in half diagonally. (you will only use 1)
This is going to be the top of your basket.

Pin the top of the handle 2 1/2 inches from the top point.
Pin you handle 2 1/2 inches in from the left and right corners.
Then I just laid out the rest of the handle to my desired liking.
I also used a glue stick (lightly) to help hold my handle in place.
I used a blind stitch on my sewing machine to sew my handle down.
You can also use a zig zag stitch or needle turn to sew you handle down.
It is what ever your heart desires.

Now it is time to sew the your top to your basket.

I folded the handle top in half and got a crease so I would know where the middle is.
Pin 1/4 inch down on the center of you handle block and place the pin at the bottom of the sewn triangle in the center of your basket like shown.
This will help you align the center and then you can pin outward and sew your handle block to your basket.

This is what your finished basket will look like.
It will measure 12 1/2 inches unfinished.
My goal was to get the center of the handle in middle of the right and left triangle.
As you can see on the left I miss measured.
Ooops!  That is what makes Happiness Homemade.

Hope you enjoyed making this block as much as I did.
Wishing you all a quilty week.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To Make The Perfect Half Square Triangles

Hello sweet Chickadees!
Hope you are enjoying your week so far?
I was making some half square triangles (hst) over the weekend and wanted to share how I make them with you.

I stared with my 6 1/2 inch Creative Grid ruler
 3 1/2 inch dark and light squares (one of each)
Fons and Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker, you can find them at JoAnns's.

With right sides together line up your quarter inch seam marker point to point on your 3 1/2 inch squares.

Draw a line on either side of your ruler.
I used a Frixion pin by Pilot.  You can find these at any office supply store and when you go to press the line will disappear.

Now you are going to sew on your lines.

Using the diagonal line on your ruler, line it up so that it is point to point on your block.
Using your rotary cutting cut down the middle.
This will leave you a 1/4 inch seam allowance on both sides.

You will now have 2 triangles.

I always set my seams on the dark side, this makes it easier to press it open to dark side.

Use the diagonal line on your ruler and line it up on the seam.
Trim using your rotary cutter.

This is how you block will look.

Turn your block around.
Use the diagonal line on your ruler, line it up with you seam and the 2 7/8 inch mark on your ruler.
Trim using your rotary cutter.

This will leave you with a 2 7/8 inch HST.

What I think the trick to making the perfect HST, is to cut your squares a 1/2 inch bigger and use this method.  Mine come out perfect every time.

Hope this helps you.

Happy Sewing.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back From Retreat

Hello sweet friends,
Well, Spring is here and it is a beautiful day here in Texas.
The rain has finally stopped for the time being and the sun is showing it's face and the birds are singing.   Yeah!

Last week I went on a quilting retreat and had a blast.  All the ladies are sew much fun.
I think you have seen my Granny Square quilt several times.  Well, I was so excited I thought I would finish it at this retreat.  Guess what I forgot the corner stones.  Waaaaaa!

I got a little further on my Pam Kitty Love Valentines quilt.  Just have to add a couple boarders.
I also started a little pillow for my great niece Skyler's 1st birthday.  Yes, can you believe she is already going to a year old and her baby sister is due to be here April 14th.  Whoa!!

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sew Sweet Bee and Some Quilting

Happy Hump Day sweet friends.
Can you believe February is almost over?
It has been very cold and dreary here.  But we are not North enough to get all sleet some people are getting.  I would love to have a snow day.

This Sew Sweet Bee block is for Alanna at A Merry Mix she is queen bee this month.  Alanna choose the Flying Dutchman block after an antique quilt she found.  She asked all of us to sign them.   I wanted to embroider my name.  But I could not get past the d and I took it out.  I can not seem to embroider letters and like them.

This is a sweet Texas Aggie quilt I am quilting for Carla over at My Life A Little Of This A Little Of That I love how Carla incorporated denim in her quilt.

This is a baby quilt I am doing for Carla.  I thought swirls would be fun on this quilt.

We are still busy working on my shop room.  Sorry there are still not pictures we are just getting the lights up.  Hopefully this weekend we can start putting shelves up and I will start taking pictures to show you my new Lavender Nest.

Hope y'all are having a great week and staying warm.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day sweet friends.

I have not been doing a lot sewing.
We have been trying to finish my new shop room in our house.  It seems to be taking forever.  Hopefully this weekend we can finish a huge bulk of it.  Then you will see the smoke from my sewing machine.  LOL!

This is the sewing I have done.  My 10 month old great niece needed a  Valentine onezie for Valentine's Day.  Sew this is what I made her. 

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with the people you love.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hi Y'all

Hi y'all.
Oh my gosh I can not believe it has been this long since I have blogged.
Instagram must have really taken over me.  LOL!
I can not believe next week is Valentine's day already. 

I quilted this t-shirt quilt today.  It is ginormas, but it is so much fun.

Remember me telling you we went to New Mexico for our anniversary?  While I was waiting in the car with Duchess, my sweet hubby went inside the restaurant to get a menu.  When I turned my head there was this beautiful deer right in my window looking in.  He was so gentle he took food right out of my hand, at times he even licked my hand.   Deer where all in the neighborhood just like pets laying in the yard.  It was so much fun to see.

On the sewing front, I started a Valentines quilt out of a Pam Kitty panel.  Got sick again so I only have two blocks done.  I will show you when I have more done.  Still have to finish my Christmas quilt I doing with Lori Holt on Instagram.   Hoping to have some finishes soon.

Wishing all a great quilting week.