Saturday, May 14, 2011

You are never going to believe what my sister had.  Yes my Thermos Peanuts lunch box from when I was in kindergarten. You can still see where my mom wrote my name on it.  I am disappointed in myself because I thought I needed to clean it up well just a little heads up never use simple green or windex.  Just look at the blue it just pealed away before my eyes.  Next time just plain soap and water for me.  To preserve it I think I am going to get some of that clear coat so it will stay like this and  hopefully not peal away anymore.

This is the back side.  I no longer have the thermos to it I broke it when I was in kindergarten.

This morning when my David took Duchess out he saw this frog in one of my lilies.  I planted these lilies a few years ago and they are finally starting to really multiply.  I just love it when they are all blooming at the same time.

Well I did not get to sew today.  Maybe that can be on tomorrow's list.



  1. Donna that lunch box would've brought back many memories,what a great find.And your lilies are beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous lillies and such a lovely home to that wee green fellow.He looks very comfortable there. Love your lunch hubby is a big fan of peanuts.

  3. Thank you for the heads up! I still have my metal Beatles lunch box and thermos from 1st grade and judging by e-bay, it is worth husband keeps asking when I am going to sell it. Yeah, like I am going to sell my FIRST lunch box...especially with the Beatles. I will be careful to use gentle cleaners on it!!

    Deb from

  4. What a treasure, to have your lunchbox from kindergarden. Guess that Super Green is pretty strong.

  5. What a great box. Funny that it was still around. Your lilies look lovely and the little frog fits perfectly :)