Friday, May 13, 2011

Well I just finished Autumn's garter's today.  I made her 3 one to throw and 2 to choose from.  I can not believe she is already getting married next weekend.  I feel like I was just at the hospital with my sister when she had her.  She will be in this week from New York.  ( she is in the Army ) only a few days before her wedding.  After the wedding she has time off but then back to New York and we are hoping in a few months she will get transferred to Texas.
Oh My Gosh I just noticed while I was posting these pictures I sewed the charms on wrong.  The horse shoe is  suppose to be face up for good luck.  I was trying not to have to hot glue them done.  Well they are charms so I guess I had better get my ripper out.  But I knew in the back of my mind  there was a reason I had to hot glue them.  Darn It.

This is the one I made for her to throw.

Well I did get my block done as well from the Australian 12" block of the month.  All I have to do is put it in the mail.  I am also working on some gifts that I have to get mailed out.  Well I guess I had better go rip the horse shoes off and get the hot glue gun out.



  1. Lovely garters - you are a lovely aunt!

  2. lovely garters Donna,yep close your eyes for a second and next thing the kiddies are all grown up,lol.

  3. Adorable garters! Our little ones grow up so fast!

  4. What a lovely Aunty you are I hope you have a grest time at the wedding.

  5. The garters are cute!
    My, how time flies!

  6. Donna these are so beautiful. I have pulled aside a few of my most favorite white and blue vintage hankies for my daughters garter many years from now...smiles...Renee