Monday, May 16, 2011

You are never going to believe what I finished.  Autumn's wedding quilt the binding is all done and I washed it.  Look how it came out of the dryer all wrinkled.  I was careful to keep it fluffed so it would dry evenly because it is so big.  The minute it came out of the dryer my sweet David held it up for a picture.  I just can
not get a good picture of this quilt. 

I joined the kitchen towel exchange over at Gone Stitching and this is the beautiful kitchen towel I received from Ruth at  Thank you so much Ruth I just love how your kitchen towel turned out.  Love the roses on the towel.  It is hanging on my oven door. 

I also joined the Friday Night Sew-In  it is held every third Friday night of the month.  Thought this would be a fun way to get more things done.  To join visit Heidi at 

I have been working on other things but I can not show you yet as it is supose to be a surprise.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



  1. WOW! The quilt turned out fantastic.

  2. Donna the quilt looks fantastic and what a cute kitchen towel i love the rose also,well done Ruth and Donna

  3. Donna how great. Isn't it so great to get mail? Beautiful stitches...smiles...Renee

  4. Autumn and new hubby will love it, beautiful quilt.

  5. Oh Donna, the quilt is lovely... big job so well done.... Cute kitchen towel.. was a fun swap....

  6. You did a fantastic job. Lucky couple...its lovely!

  7. Donna, the quilt is beautiful! Isn't it fun to take a new quilt out of the dryer the first time when it's all warm and cozy and wrinkly and wrap up in it? It's one of those things I just can't resist!

    Deb from

  8. Beautiful quilt, Donna! You did a great job! I'm sure it will be loved and treasured! It's so rewarding to finish such a project!

    Very cute kitchen towel!


  9. Donna, What a beautiful quilt! I am sure Autumn and her new hubby will treasure it!

  10. Your quilt is wonderful... so big to cuddle under too! A job well done. Thanks for playing along in the towel swap... glad you can now enjoy yours..looks very pretty too! :)