Monday, March 7, 2011

I am so excited David help me put up a design wall now it is not perfect but it does the job.   It holds part of Autumn's wedding quilt I have been telling you about.  And once again the lighting is not very good in my sewing room.  I think I need to get David to help me figure out what to do about that.  The green seems to really pop in this picture.  But at least you can see the design.  I will try to take a better picture later.

Thought I would get a close up of the block so you could at least see the other colors.

Here is our sweet Duchess.  Sometimes she sits is the doorway of my sewing room like a little guard dog.  Well it is time to go make dinner.  I think tonight's menu will be meat load and potato patties.



  1. Your design wall looks great. Mine is 2 flannel backed tableclothes sewn together and tacked to the wall. It works and that is all that is important. Hugs

  2. I love my design wall! It makes it so much easier to see how your quilt is coming together.

    Your blocks look great! Those alternating blocks will be perfect to showcase some quilting!

    What would we do without our 4 legged helpers?! My Maggie always lets me know when I have been sewing too long!


  3. Awwww, Dutchess is adorable!! It's nice having helpers

    I think your design wall is great! I have a design floor. LOL! Those blocks on the wall are really nice too. I am trying to figure out how you did them. Great job!

  4. Great design wall - aren't they a wonderful tool!!! Love mine! Cute dog too! How long does she take to groom? Lovely quilt - looks fiddly! happy stitching!

  5. Your quilt blocks are lovely and such a clever design wall. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. Love the quilt you are making! My design wall is the same but throw over the door! Need to clear this side wall and just nail it up there!What a sweet pretty door guard you have!I have a 'purple' pal Alice, will have to share your blog with her!

  7. What a nice treat for you! And such a lovely quilt. I bet having your new design wall is a dream come true.