Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone.  Today started out organizing and cleaning out the garage.  Boy you do not realize the stuff that you accumulate.  We hauled alot stuff off.  Now there is room for more stuff. hehehehe.   I did sew a little bit on Autumn's wedding quilt.  Just can not get the grove on this quilt. I think it is all the little pieces.   It is going to worth it in the end though.   Maybe tomorrow I will have some blocks to show you. 

I finished my pin board project all I need to do now is get David to hang it in the closet.  He is going to put it in our closet so I can hang my jewelry from it.

I thought the back should look pretty too. 

Sorry about the final picture.  I guess the lighting in my sewing is not all that.  Well I guess I will get in the bubbles and then watch a movie with my David tonight.  Sweet Dreams.


  1. Love your new jewellery organiser and bubbles and a movie don't sound too bad either! Enjoy!

  2. Miss Donna I love the bright purple. It might be hard to cover such a sweet lavender frame, but then I guess if you covered it in lavender jewels it would be that much better. Enjoy your weekend...smiles...Renee

  3. Donna,
    This is adorable! I need to make me one of these. I have so many pins I could display on one of these.
    Your lavender and purples make me happy! My Amber who went to Heaven loved the color purple :)

  4. You get five stars for cleaning the garage. Just think you won't have to do that for a while and you can let the garage doors open and make all the neighbors jealous.

  5. The frame is adorable! Such a perfect project and so nicely done. I will be on the hunt for one of those fancy frames now :)

  6. You are correct... the back is so pretty too! I love your frame. :)