Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April Sew Sweet Bee

Hello sweet Friends!
The skies are cloudy, but the birds are
still singing and I love hearing them.

I did a little gardening in my sewing room
recently.  Denny @laughsewgarden is the 
Queen Bee this month in the Sew Sweet Bee.  
She asked us to make her a scrappy pineapple
 block.  We can use our yellow scraps and 
have fun with it.

This is the pineapple block I sent her.  If
you would like to see more you can find her
on instagram @laughsewgarden.

I am working on a secret project, but can 
show you until June.   Since it is a gift.
We are still painting our house (sigh)  so I 
try to paint a little and sew a little.  
Wish we could get rain that way
I  could stay inside and SEW.

Hope you get to do something each
day that you love.



  1. Hi Donna,wow i love your block,it looks fantastic,well done my friend xx

  2. I love spring and hearing the birds again. =) Have fun (ha!) painting!!

  3. I think my finger is healed enough to where I can finally try to make block tomorrow.

  4. Beautiful block - love the fabrics you chose. My husband loves to paint - so I'm covered there :)! We have a robin that sings to us each morning - he sits on our weeping sweet pea tree out front. Love it!! Hope you get some rain - so you can stay inside and just sew!

  5. I have GOT to make one of those pineapples - it's been on my list for months! Love it Donna!