Monday, October 10, 2016

Sewing Binding

Hello Chickadee's
It is finally starting to feel a little like Fall
here.  The nights and morning's are much 
cooler.  I usually have the house decorated
already for Fall but I am behind.

I am working on sewing the binding  down
on this sweet baby quilt for a customer.  Normally
I do my hand sewing at night in front of the TV 
with my sweet hubby.  I got some of Lori's
and I just love them.  They are sew handy to keep your
hand sewing supplies in for travel or just to keep
things together.

This is what we did this weekend.  My hubby rented
this lift so we could get to the taller places to paint our
house where we can not get with a ladder.  I did get up there
but was to chicken.  So he went up and painted this area.
We still have tons to do, I really want to be finished by
November.  Well a girl can dream.  lol!!

Hope you enjoy your day.



  1. Wow the lift sounds like a great invention! Darling baby quilt!

  2. Cute baby quilt. Yes, never an end to the upkeep of a home :)! Good idea with the lift! Love Lori's little tins!

  3. Hi Donna,lots going on at your place,hope the painting is finished soon for you both xx

  4. Cute, cute quilt.
    The last time I was up on our roof I was too afraid to come down backwards!

  5. Hi Donna! That sure is one big project, hope things move along quickly for the both of you. I hope to get back to sewing in the near future...right now its work and grand babies keeping me busy as a bee.