Friday, October 7, 2016

Sew Sweet Bee, Some Quilting and Some Flags

Happy Friday Sweet Friends!

October has arrived so quickly.  I just
wish the cooler weather would arrive with
it.  lol!

September was Peggy's month to be Queen Bee.
She asked for this block, I think it is called
Stripes?  You can find the pattern on the Penny
Rose website.  Peggy asked us to make our blocks
with Bonnie and Camille fabrics.
(I really need to learn not to take pictures at night.)

I have been really blessed to be able to do
some customer quilting.  This customer
asked for snow flakes to be quilted on her quilt.
You know I got a picture of the quilting but
not the whole quilt before I mailed it back.  Geez. 
Hope you can see the quilting it was so much fun.

I am working other customer quilts right now
I will take pictures before I send them off.

While I was at retreat a couple weeks
ago I finished my flag blocks.  All I have to
do now is sew them into a quilt top.  I am
really looking forward to this one coming together.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend and that you get to do 
something that you LOVE.



  1. I'll send you some cooler weather Donna. Anything for you! Your flags are glorious, as is your quilting.
    Hugs, Debra

  2. I love all the quilting you do. I so wish I was a quilter!!
    love the little kitty you posted too!
    happy Saturday!

  3. Beautiful work Donna ,yes the months are flying xx

  4. Those are all so sweet and pretty Donna!! Hope you get some cooler weather and have a great weekend!! xo Holly

  5. You're so funny. Yes you do need to take pictures of those finished quilts. Cute snowflakes. May need those on my Christmas quilt when it's done. Who knows. Since I'm just reading this you may just get your cooler weather now.