Sunday, July 22, 2012

Now shipping to Australia and Canada

I checked with our post office to get mailing rates for Australia and Canada.  I wanted to be able to ship flat rate internationally so I can put as much in there as possible since it is so much more expensive to ship.  If there is anyone else interested please let me know and I will be happy to check on shipping rates.

Natalie at was hosting a giveaway for the sweet Heather at I was hesitant to enter the giveaway just because I do not have lucky bones.  Well I entered and guess what I WON!  Just look what I won, one of Heather's beautiful tea towels.  I am just in love with them.   A few weeks ago I ordered one of Heather's tea towels for a Carla's birthday and when she opened it I was head over heals in love with it.

Just look at all the sweet goodies she sent me.  One of her new brooches and the crocheted flower on the tag.  Heather's packages are always wrapped so sweet.   So sorry I did not take a picture before I unwrapped it.  We got home late last night and I was so excited I could not wait to open it and I did not even think about the camera.  Thank you so much Heather.  Here is a link to Heather's Etsy store it is a must see

On Tuesday I had lunch with Joyce from  She surprised me with this gorgeous magazine.  This magazine has the cutest stuff in it and the colors are so beautiful.  It was fun catching up with Joyce we had not talked for a couple of weeks.   Thank you so much Joyce for the gorgeous magazine I LOVE it.

I spied this beautiful pillow on the super sweet Renee's at Etsy store  I knew right away I just had to have this pillow.   The pillow is just beautiful.  Renee is so talented, you should visit her store I promise you will not be disappointed from her super cute aprons, fabric bins and pillows.

This is the back.  I love the fence and the fact that Renee embroidered on the back makes it extra special.

She included this beautiful swan hankie, it is so sweet.

Just look at what else she included.  Y'all all know my love for purple/lavender.  This table cloth fits perfectly on my kitchen table.  I am just in awww with it.  It is just so perfect.  Thank you so much Renee.

Hope everyone is getting to enjoy the weekend.


  1. Oh my gosh, SEW many beautiful things here! And they are all from talented women! :)
    Thanks for sharing Donna!

  2. So glad it arrived safely!! ;) Love Renee's beautiful pillow, and that tablecloth is so pretty!! The magazine looks like a fun one full of great ideas! Have a lovely Sunday!! xo Heather

  3. You sound so happy Donna. What a lovely lot of "things" to arrive for you to enjoy. I'll be sure to check out your shop again too! Have a great week! :)

  4. You've got some pretty finds there. The pillow is very nice.

  5. what a happy lovely post and congrats on your win Donna.xx

  6. You are so sweet to post that. Can you believe the color on that tablecloth is screams Donna! Beautiful win...Heather is amazing. I am off to find that magazine..smiles..Renee

  7. Well you are lucky after all, that's a very pretty group of items, Well Done!

  8. Yes, I think you have officially entered the "lucky" group. :-)
    Everything is gorgeous!

  9. What a lucky girl! You are right! Renee's aprons, pillows and bins are just gorgeous! I have been eyeballing her store too. That tablecloth is just amazing!



  10. Lucky lady! You got some very sweet things!! Love the pillow from Renee and the goodies from Heather! Beautiful table clothe too! I wanted to say your package arrived safely too! I was so excited to get it! Thank you again!! I'll be posting about it soon! :) Have a happy Monday! xx Holly

  11. What pretties! Congrats on winning Heather's givaway. The pillows and linens are beautiful. That table cloth could be your blog background it's so pretty!

  12. Just love the post and pics Donna. So funny, I got the same Tilda magazine. Great minds do think alike, right? Still working on the patterns and burning out a bit, but will keep going.

  13. Hi Donna - what a lovely blog and congratulations on winning one of Heather's beautiful tea towels..maybe you do have lucky bones afterall! Looking forward to following you, have a happy day,
    Gilly xx

  14. hi sweetie! so sorry it has been so long since my last visit! you know when life goes WILD! lol!! sending you tons of hugs and congrats on going global!!! This post is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing all these awesome pictures! sending you hugs and hope to see you soon : ) hugs...

  15. Oh, Sweet Donna!
    Look at all those wonderful things!! I am just loving all of these. What wonderful people you and the rest are! Such wonderful talent and beautiful hearts!