Saturday, September 10, 2011

My sweet blogging friends please pray for the people here in Texas that have lost everything due to the fires here. Bastrop is about 2ish to 3ish hours away and finally yesterday the haze from the smoke is gone around here.  Last night on the news so for there have been like 1,400 homes burned.  The family's that where told to evacuate had like 5 minutes to grab what they could and run.  I have only seen the pictures on the news and it saddens my heart.  I am not sure about donations but one of our patients at work was going down there today so I thought it is time to clean out our closet. 


On a much happier note.  I get in so much trouble at  This is just a little mix of fabrics I got in the mail yesterday.  If you buy $35. the shipping is free and then if there is a sale well that is another added bonus.

I got this sweet little panel too.  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet but is was just to cute to pass up.  I am thinking a few of them just might make a couple of cut pictures for my sewing room.  That means my David will have to make me a few picture frame's.  The trouble with that is picking out just the right wood.  

This is the little scare crow I made.  It is on my little shelf in the kitchen.  I painted a few more faces to make a couple more, maybe they will get better as I make more.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.



  1. 1400 homes, oh my. It is TRAGIC what is happening there, and all the flooding in the East - sure wish we could divert the rain somehow!
    I love all your goodies you got and that little scarecrow is darling!

  2. I is something I have never thought that much about UNTIL NOW, it's a DAILY concern around here.

    OK...stop it with all the fabric goodies! HA!!

  3. Very sad about all those homes gone - doesn't bear thinking about all those poor families have lost. Love your little scarecrow guy! Very cute and the panel you bought is very YOU!

  4. Thanks for sharing your 'finds' on I am inspired by your cute scarecrow to get busy for fall crafting.

    My heart goes out to those people who lost their homes, I will keep them in my prayers.

  5. Very sad about the people affected by the fires, we in Australia all know too well the devastation of fires. I'm going ti ignore comment else I fear what could come out of it !! $$$$$
    The panel is very sweet and the scarecrow very nice (did you fill it up with lavender ?).

  6. I so feel for those people.. the memories of our fires here are still very raw for many people..
    I just love that little scare crow...

  7. Miss Donna my parents drove down from Kansas to Houston to visit a sick friend and they said the smoke was thick. Some of our friends were evacuated and are unsure if their home made it. Just such a shame to see such misery. Blessings to all of them. On another note...I have to be ever so careful at fabric stores...fabric seems to just jump in my cart? Smiles...Renee

  8. We knows folks in Bastrop. One lives there permanently and last I heard, their house was still OK. The other has a mobile home and they live there 6 months out of the year. So they were able to drive it out of harms way, north of Austin. They said all the big beautiful trees at the State park are gone. So sad. Thanks you for doing what you can to help those who have lost everything.
    Your new fabrics are so pretty!!

  9. So sad about all the tragic events happening in our country this year.
    Your fabrics are lovely.
    Cure little scary person :D

  10. Nice fabrics. I went on a fabric buying binge a couple of weeks ago. I needed backing and binding for quite a few quilts. You fabric is adorable. I have checked out but have not bought anything from them yet.

  11. Hi, Donna! So glad you came by! Your blog is really cute too and I see we have many of the same friends! I am now YOUR newest follower as well!

    I was raised in the north but I married a Texan so I lived in Texas for 11 years. Even though they were the unhealthiest years of my life, I made so many good girlfriends there and we still stay in touch today.

    Sweet fabrics you got there. I love to play with fabric even though I don't sew. ♥

  12. What an adorable scarecrow! That panel is adorable just the way it is.

  13. oh no Donna i hadnt heard about the fires,so i will pray and that is a lot of burned homes.
    What great buys you got there Donna