Saturday, July 16, 2011

 Look what I found on our road trip to Louisiana.

Well first let me tell you about this McCoy vase.  Last weekend at the estate sale that we went to I just happened to see this McCoy vase so I put it in our pile.  When they came to give us a price on each item the guy said oh look this is McCoy I say yes but there is a crack in the back so he prices it for $1 whoopee for me.    With a little love this old vase will last forever.

The tea cups where found at a flea market in Louisiana for a dollar a piece  my idea is to make pin cushions out of them.  It seems that lately I am in love with pin cushions.

These  cute little ceramic pets where also at the flea market.  I just could not pass them up. At first I only pick up one of them for a gift.  But I had to go back and get all three just thought they where to cute.  I am thinking I will replace the pin cushion in them to make the brighter.  Maybe I will get to that soon?

This little draw set was kinda hidden but I found it. (sorry there is a glare but the draw says buttons)  This will go great in my sewing room.  Can not wait to get it all fixed up.  Here and there between quilting I have been trying to declutter my sewing room.  It is still not there yet.  I can not seem to get it arranged just right.  But it will soon be there.   Hope everyone is having a great weekend.




  1. Lovely little treasures you found Donna.
    Also loved the trip to Louisianna.. very interesting.
    Nice to visit you again.

  2. You always seem to find the best little finds. I am surprised that they didn't mark the McCoy up. You ust have the cutest house, will have to share pictures some day.

  3. Donna, I love the little sewing organizing drawers you found! And I think it's fun that you are organizing your sewing space at the same time that I am. We can cheer each other on. :-) It's going to take me a bit of time, cuz I"m just getting started finding the pieces I want to use. Went looking for bookcases today... I think I found one that will work, but will have to go back with DH tomorrow.

  4. What a haul - take me with you sometime! You find the best stuff!!!

  5. Donna, looks like you have had the bestest time.. I love the little sewing draws, I wonder what their history is..

  6. What a find...did you have any great food while you visited my sweet Cajun relatives. My mom is from Texas...Dad is from Louisiana. Miss that food terribly but I do make a great gumbo. What a great time for you all. Smiles...Renee

  7. That vase is just gorgeous - what a great bargain! Love those pincushions too, and the little set of drawers! Great finds, girl!

  8. I love your finds! You find the best things! I love pincushions too.
    I have a little set of drawers something like that (same style) that was my grandmothers. I have it in my sewing room too.

  9. I want to come along on one of your market trips...fantastic finds. I love your new header too...sweet.

  10. Donna--I agree! I want to take a road trip with you! You find all kinds of goodies! The sewing chest is so sweet!


  11. The little drawers are great. You certainly do know how to find a bargain.

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  13. Lucky you, Donna! I understand that those McCoy vases are normally VERY pricey. And you KNOW how I love turning little vintage vases and whatnot into pin cushions! The dogs are adorable!