Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm baack!

We are back in Texas.                                        

David, Duchess and I went to Louisiana for a couple days.  We took the scenic route did a little thrifting and had a great time.  We stayed on the Butler Greenwood Plantation. The above picture is the Plantation home.
Built in 1796.  The amazing part is the original family still owns the Plantation and still lives there.  The owner is the 9th generation.  We took a tour of the home and you will not believe the original furniture is still in the house with the original upholstery.  Even the rug in the formal living room was original.  We had to walk on plastic runners because the rug was so worn.  But the vibrant color where still in the rug.  Some original clothing was on display and the owner told us that there was alot of original clothing still left in the house.  Original pictures of the past family members.  One piece of children's clothing that was saved and all the children of the age that the dress will fit has had a picture taken in the little dress.  The owner's granddaughter  is the last child so far to have her picture taken in the dress.  Her granddaughter was there we did get to meet her and I think she is in her early 20's sweet sweet family.


The Plantation has some original cottages and some new ones.  Well of course we picked the oldest one to stay in.  The Old Kitchen also built in 1796. The original brick walls where still intacked.  Of course it has been updated in the modern way.  There is a 150 foot well in one of the bathrooms bricked all the way down. There was a piece of plastic glass over it so it did not make for a good picture.  In the back was another bedroom and that was the smoke house at one time.  The wooden beems where still black and you can still smell the smoke faintly.  Along time ago the kitchen was separate from the house because kitchen fires happened more often.  So this cottage is really close to the main house.

This is the old Methodist Church in town. (St. Francesville)  The next few houses are more old houses in town that I thought where really cute.

This is the RoseDown Plantation built in 1835.  The Historic Society has it now.  But wouln't you just love to come home up this drive.  The big oak tress where just beautiful.  

On our way home we stopped in Beaux Bridge and this is where we found this beautiful home.  We also did a little thrifting there I will show you more of that later when I can take some pictures.  Well I am off to my sewing room to see what trouble I can get into.



  1. Looks you have a nice vacation! The homes are beautiful.

  2. How lovely... I just love going to places with all that history.... so interesting...

  3. I love this posting, wow the house's and history is just wonderful !!! Love the photos(would love a house with that much history!)thanks Donna.

  4. How amazing that the original family not only still owns the plantation, but all that original stuff still in it! The pics of the houses are just gorgeous, I really, really miss the south....

  5. Welcome home Donna. Sounds like you had a amazing visit out of town. I love the photos of the old houses. It is so nice to hear that people take the time to preserve the past. Happy sewing.
    Smiles, Paula

  6. My husband and I just love going to B&B's. This place is going to be a must for us in the future.

  7. Sounds like a great trip! Can't wait to see your finds.

  8. such beautiful homes Donna

  9. WONDERFUL....I have always preferred older houses, that is why mine is 100 yrs. old. I lOVE the pink one!!!

  10. Hi Donna! Very very beautiful, congratulations!
    Good night...

  11. Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing--- :) Carolyn

  12. What beautiful homes and the plantations are gorgeous!