Saturday, June 25, 2011

The flower quilt is finished and I am so happy with it.  (Sorry the picture is not all that.)  You can not even tell the bows are purple.  I got the binding sewn on so now all I have to do is sew it down by hand. By the way I choose the same color of purple for the binding as the bows.  Image that. hehe  The back is the same color yellow as the sashing.  This time I decided on a plan back.  I am pretty slow at doing the binding since I only do it while I watch TV at night.  When I am done I will take a better picture.

I think I have shown you this before.  This is the way I label my all of my quilts.  My machine has letters in it so it make's it easy to do.  I found this idea a few years ago in a Fons and Porter magazine.

I made this reversible bag for Nancy one of my co-workers out of some of the Thimbleberries fabrics I had.  It came out really nice for my first try.  I found this pattern on the internet a few years ago.  I tried to find it again so I could share it with you but I could not find it again.

Oh my I am so happy one of the feed sacks I bought the last time had some little stains all on it.  So I put some lemon juice on it and let it sit in the sun for awhile.  Then I soaked it in Oxy Clean there
are no more stains.  I could not believe it worked.  Wha Hoo!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.



  1. Hi Donna, lovely to catch up with you. You have done a lovely job on your quilt, and I love the bag you made. Lucky co-worker! That is such a good idea for quilt labelling.Hope you can stay cool over the weekend.xx

  2. Very nice flower quilt, Donna! Definitely a very good first bag! I need to practice with the letters on my machine. I don't think mine makes the letters as nice as your machine does. I'm so glad the stains came ou of the feedsack!


  3. Donna your Quilt is beautiful,well done

  4. Lovely! Is your label done on ribbon or sashing? I like the idea of the embroidery. My next machine will have that feature.

  5. Lovely quilt and bag... and great way to label....

  6. Beautiful quilt Donna. I love your friends Thimbleberries!!!

  7. I love your quilt label. That is so cute.

  8. Your quilt label is genius! I am going to try it since my machine does lettering as well.
    ps. As a mom to three kids aged 5 and under, I love OxyClean and OxyClean Max for really stubborn stains (I don't like the smell of the Max so much, but it works!!!)

  9. Lovely quilt. Totally understand about colors not showing properly in photos. Don't understand why either.
    Great label idea. My new machine makes letters. Did you do them on a piece of fabric and then sew them on the quilt?
    Thanks for the stain tips.