Friday, April 22, 2011

This morning after I got dressed I visited some of my blog friends.  Well they inspired me to want to go treasure hunting.  So David took me but first we went and had an old fashioned hamburger.  The place looks like a dive but the owner keeps it clean.  It has been around since my mom was a teenager I think. 
The treasure for today is this vintage sewing basket.  I have seen them around but not in this good of condition.  It was a little pricey but I got them to come down $20.  So I made it mine.

Just look at all the goodies that came with it.  As you can see the lower left is a little pushed in but other than that the coloring looks perfect.

This gadget came with it and I have never seen this before.  So I am hoping some of you may know it is and what it is used for?

As you can see I have not been doing to much sewing because I just can not seem to stay home.  So I am now off to pay a visit to my sewing room.  Would not want it to be lonely.




  1. MIss Donna...I am so jealous. Your basket came loaded. How fantastic. Look at all the treasure. I am always so thrilled to see what things are kept in a sewing basket/box. that looks like some kind of bobbin threader? Not sure. I haven't run across anything like that before. These are the things that keep my hunt going...smiles and Happy Easter...Rene

  2. lovely find Donna and i dont know what the gadget is either,a happy and safe easter to you and your family

  3. I think you got a good deal. When I go out looking for old sewing supplies, it seems all I find are old thread spools. Have plenty of those. Lots of little treasures in your sewing basket. Happy Easter, BettyLou

  4. A lovely sewing box with all that treasure inside. Lucky you. I don't know what that gadget is either.

  5. Love this sewing box! Especially the lid is adorable. I think the tool you found is an Awl. Made to punch holes in leather. My best guess. Did you find out otherwise yet?