Monday, April 18, 2011

I just do not know where the day goes.  Well I did managed to get a few more rows quilted on Autumn's wedding quilt.  It is slow but I will get there.  I do not have a long arm quilting machine it is a regular sewing machine with a little bigger throat on a New Joy frame.  So the designs I use are about 4 1/2 inches wide.   And this is a KING size quilt.  My ADD starts to kick in and I go do something else and go back it and so on.  Just thought I would show you how I am quilting it.  Since it is a wedding quilt I thought hearts and loops would be nice.

These are 3 inch strips of feed sacks.  Carla and I are going to trade feedsacks.  I am not sure how many are here but it was fun to do.  I tend to forget how many I have and there are a ton of purple/lavender ones. (Shocker)  But I am still on the hunt for more.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



  1. Oh Donna.... I hope one day I can quilt as beautifully as yours..... mine is so inconsistent... Love the feedsacks.. what fun to swap and build up your range ....

  2. i love the hearts and loops stitching.Its looking fantastic,well done

  3. Oh Donna your quilting is beautiful. I can only dream of machine quilting like that. It scares me to death (that's why I hand quilt). The feed sacks are so pretty. I've not seen them only read about them.

  4. Your heart quilting is so sweet! What a charming way to quilt such a special blanket!! :o) And how fun to trade feed sacks. :o)
    I hope your week is off to a great start!
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. Your quilting looks great! I really admire you for taking on the challenge of a king size!


  6. Donna, your quilting looks fabulous!! I can't wait to see it finished. I also have quilters A.D.D. so I know how you feel. LOL

  7. Donna,
    Your quilting is gorgeous! I could never take on a project that big on my machine!
    I adore your purple machine ... makes me happy!
    I am catching up with my blogs!

  8. The quilting is beautiful.

  9. I love the feedsacks! I am really impressed with the machine quilting. I can only do squiggles so far...I'm working on leaves, but it's a lot tougher to be consistent in size versus just doing squiggles willy-nilly:) You're quilt looks great!

  10. I'm impressed, Donna:) I too get quilting ADD and confess that each quilt I've made has taken me about two years to complete! I don't know how to quilt on a machine and do it by hand so that's my standard excuse but really, it's probably more about the ADD ~ ha! Keep us posted with progress pictures, OK?

  11. Great job with the quilting - you give me something to aim for! And lots of purple in your feedsacks - who would have guessed! Happy stitching!

  12. Donna, Your quilting looks great!
    Can't go wrong with hearts and loops.
    I'm green with envy over your feed sack strips.What a variety.
    Hoppy Easter, Karen