Saturday, February 19, 2011

You would not believe what we did this morning.  Sharon and I took our husbands to an estate sale.  Oh we had so much fun.  David is awesome to take along he always finds neat stuff.  The only thing I am  so not is a morning person (waaa) but it was worth getting up early for.

I found this plate with tiny purple flowers.  No price was on it but when you check out they will price it.  I think there magic number was $10.  so I bought it.  I love the pink ribbon around the edges.  Also I am not sure if you can see it to well but both of the handles have a little gold on them.

These bowls have a story they where with other plates, cups etc. as I walked into the house.  Thought they would look good with my Franciscan Ivy dishes.  (like on the I Love Lucy Show)  Only $5 a bowl.   Well like a dummy I walked off and did not pick them up.  But later I found that the man we where talking to in line waiting to get in bought them.  He was so nice I asked him if I could buy them since I had past them up and he was nice enough to sell them to me for what he bought them for.  Oh but it gets better I did not take cash because the where going to take MC/Visa well Sharon was nice enough to loan me the $20.  So now I am a proud owner of these bowls.

We also found this jar of buttons.  Remember Bordens and Elsie the cow when we where little.  Well I just had to have this little bottle.  I took a picture below so you can see Elsie better.

Then we came across this chenille bed spread for $20 it is like new no strains.  It is perfect.  When I bought it I thought I would make a jacket or pillows out of it.  Now I just hate to cute it up.  So maybe I should see how it looks on my grandmothers bed.  At the end of March it will be time to go to Warrenton.  That is loads of fun.  Oh I must tell you that I ran into my Kindergarten teacher at this estate sale.  Can you believe she remembers me.  I have only seen her a few times and she looks the same to me.  It must be nice not to really age that much.  She must have good genes?   If you have been treasure hunting let me know I love to know what neat things you find.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  ttfn


  1. Hi Donna,
    thank you for visiting my FOREVER JANN blog and following it. I so enjoyed dropping by and checking yours out also. So cute and sweet, I love it. Looks like you found some real goodies at the estate sale, I love doing those kind of things.
    We can never go wrong collecting those vintage plates and other things. I have a plate collection myself and it keeps growing - lol. Always so many gorgeous plates out there - hard to resist.
    If you have some extra time I would love for you to visit my other vintage style blog, I think you might like it also. Many many thanks again for your kindness. Happy Sunday !!

  2. Donna you found some BEAUTIFUL treasures!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! Omgoodness that Chenille bedspread is gorgeous and looks just perfect!!!! Sounds like fun day!! (and absolutely adorable story about the beautiful bowls) :) I'm jealous you're going to Warrenton!!!! Definitely on my bucket list!!! :) Hugs!!

  3. Looks like you really hit the jackpot today. What a nice man to sell them back to you, wonder what his wife will think? Our thrift stores aren't much around here, mostly just old clothes. No glassware, I like anything that can break. Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it.

  4. Donna,
    I have the same Elsie jar and it is in my kitchen window for small fresh flowers!

  5. Hi Donna...
    I'm so glad you invited me to visit your wonderful blog!
    And you're really did find some treasures. I love them all and especially the bowls and the milk bottle:)
    I also love your purple hexie flowers!