Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Wow if any of you are interested in buying an apron you must go visit Cindy at she has the cutest aprons for sale.  You will fall in love. 

Well today was another day of running around with Dillon.  Trying to get him ready to go back
to school in Wyoming.  So of course I did not get any sewing done.  But we had a great day
together.  I do have a couple of quilts to show you that I did a few years ago.

Well my David is calling me to pick out a movie for movie night.  mmmm guess that means we are having popcorn too.  ttfn


  1. Cute blog Donna, glad to join you. I can almost smell the lavender.

  2. lovely to hear you had a nice day with your son..... I am so looking forward to my boys getting over the shock that they have a mother and being embaressed by the fact!!!! Love the quilts. What is the heart that the one on the left is hanging thru? I haven't seen anything like that before.

  3. Ohhh... I think I can smell popcorn over here... yum! Enjoy your movie!

  4. Adore those quilts too!!! I love love love quilts, and I am in awe of your talents, every time you show us a new one...SO PRETTY!!! I bet you had a wonderful day with your son. Hope you had a wonderful evening snuggled up with a movie and popcorn, and hope you have a SUPER weekend girlie!!!

  5. Beautiful quilts! The purple hearts quilt is stunning. My eye went right to it. but then the other one, with it's soft colors and comfy "feel" to it made me want to curl up with it on a rainy day (like today). Though to be honest, if I had something like that, it would rarely be touched. Display and admiration only!! LOL
    Patricia :o)