Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today was a beautiful day we had clear sky's and it was about 60 degrees.  To bad I had to work and could not go thrifting.

Thought I would show you one of my valentine quilts. Well probably my only one for now. According to the date on my picture I finished it in 2007.  It was a pattern out of a Fons and Porter magazine not sure how long ago.  All I can remember is that it is a breast cancer quilt.  The fabric I used for the border I just love love.  David is trying to hold up the quilt.  I think it will fit a full size bed.  I am sorry you can not see all of it his arms where getting tired.  He is such a trooper.

I have a closer shot hoping you can see the quilting pattern I did on it.  Of course I quilted hearts.  I love things with hearts on them.  Well tonight is movie night.  Not sure what we are going to watch yet but I can smell the popcorn. mmmmmm



  1. I LOVE it!!! Omgoodness, this is the most adorable quilt!!! Seriously, I love the hearts. You are so incredibly talented!!! Everytime I see a new one, I think "oh that's my favorite." LOL...
    Shame shame that you had to work on this beautiful day and not go have some fun!! It was "almost" flip flop weather yesterday was it not? Crazy!Have a super Sunday girlie!!

  2. Oh by the way, I am going to set up an email address hopefully sometime today for my bloggy friends so I can contact them and vice versa so that way they don't get lost in my other emails. :) I will send it to ya as soon as it is done girlie!! :)Hugs!