Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a busy weekend it has been.  Well part of the day was gone yesterday when I laid down for a nap Whoops.  I finished the quilt with the flower blocks Nancy gave me as a welcome back to work present.
It measures 70x70.  I decided to use only 5 of the flower blocks and use the other 2 for pillows.  We painted our guest room a light yellow because my idea was to do that room in yellow and lavender.  That is my new thing to add yellow to my purple or lavender.  So those pillows will go perfect in there. 
I do not have a design wall.  So I think I am going to have to come up with something else for my pictures the floor is just not doing it. (Sorry about the pictures).

My precious Duchess is having a nap while I sew the borders.

Thought I would show you the apron my secret Santa gave me (Nancy).  It belong to her grandmother and I will always cherish it.  The table cloth in the back ground on our table belonged to David's Grandmother.  She crochted it in the early 1900's that is another one of my treasures that I just love.


  1. I think your quilt will go beautifully in your guest room. Duchess looks right at home on it!! I love the apron!!

  2. I just love the quilt, it is so beautiful and fresh and pretty!! Wow that was fast!! Great job!! Duchess is a cutie patootie and I love that apron!!! Have a super day girlie!