Friday, November 12, 2010

David and I are invited to go to my bosses house tonight they are having a Fall Ya'll party.  We need to bring something with pumpkin in it or apple.  So I decided to take pumpkin bread.  Well last night when I was on one of my favorite places to go .  Aunt Ruthie has an apple butter recipe on her blog.  Now I have never tasted apple butter must less made it.  But last night I made it in my crock pot wow is it good and it made the whole house smell good.  This is a must try for everyone.  Now be careful when it comes time to blend it I used my hand mixer oh what a mess.  Next time I will have purchased a hand Immerison Blender.  ( just like Aunt Ruthie suggests )

I think my apple butter is going to look so yummy in this dish.

This is the fall around my kitchen sink.  I just love the turkey platter sorry for the glare.
Love ya,

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