Friday, January 27, 2017

Do You Love Vintage Irons As Much I Do

Happy Friday Sweet Friends!
I have to say I have not had much sewing mojo
lately.  But I have been organizing some fabrics
and petting them.  lol!

I have also been obsessed with vintage irons.

Do you love vintage irons as much as I do?
I have been collecting them for a while.
But I also love using them to press my fabric
as I sew.  It might be the heavyness I like?

Last year before I went on retreat I wanted
to take a vintage travel iron.   I was looking for
one without the holes since I do not steam my fabric.
 Well I had not found any at Estate sales or antique stores
so I headed to Ebay.  I bought a couple of them
that said they were brand new and still had the original
box.  When I got them they were brand new and
had never been used.  Yeah!  
So when I get to retreat I was so excited to use
my vintage travel iron.  So I plug it in and immediately
it starts to smell aw it's just the new smell.  NOPE.   I start to press
my fabric and the iron was so hot it burned it.  Geez, I can
 not use this one,well they both did it.

This is a vintage iron that was my dad's.  I 
am not sure why I just didn't take this one?
Maybe because it was my dad's and I wanted 
to save it?
Well, this is what I have learned so far.  The vintage
travel irons that do NOT have settings get SUPER
HOT, so I am not sure how they used them back
in the day?  This one is made by GE and has settings and
it makes the clicking off and on noise that regulates it
from getting to hot.  ( that  is what my sweet hubby says
it is)  I put it on the cotton setting and it worked perfectly.
I am a happy camper and can not wait to use it when
I go on retreat in March.

This is the vintage iron I use everyday.  I love everything
about it.  The heavyness, how it gets really hot without burning 
my fabric. It is a Sunbeam just like my grandmother had.
The dry irons without holes seem to be harder to find.  So I started
looking for a back up just in case.  I found a GE on Ebay
and hopefully it will be here early next week?   I can not wait to
try her out.  This gal will never pass up a good vintage iron.
Just saying, lol!

I would love to hear about the iron you love.



  1. I've been a vintage iron lover for years. Of course it took years of buying new ones and them quitting for me to figure it out. Like you I too burned a couple of things before getting the hang of the old heat settings.

  2. good to know because I was going to look for me a old one. Thank Dear

  3. You are singing my song, my friend! Flat irons (no holes) are the ones I look for, too, and it must have a temperature gage. I've also burned fabric with the one The GE travel iron that you showed that was your dad's is the one I like to use for pressing small pieces. It's also perfect for ironing Dresden plate blades open because of the pointy tip. Like I said, you are singing my song! Love vintage irons!!

  4. I have had that problem with a vintage iron recently, and a newer iron that was my great aunts. The settings are off or HOT-scorch my fabric and ironing board cover.

  5. I LOVE vintage irons - didn't know that about them though, as I don't have any yet!