Monday, February 8, 2016

How To Sew Boarders On Your Quilt

Hello sweet friends.
I had a friend that asked me how I sew my boarders
on.  So I thought I would do a blog post about it.
Hope this helps.

The first thing that I do is measure the top and bottom of my
quilt.  I always sew the top and bottom boarders on first and then
 I sew the side boarders on.

In this case the top and bottom of my quilt measures
12 1/2 inches so I cut two stripes 12 1/2 inches long one for
 the top boarder of my quilt and one for the bottom boarder.
( I am doing a wall hanging)

This is the trick to not having wavy boarders.  You need to
measure the sides of your quilt before you cut your boarders.  
When you cut your boarders and sew them on and trim the ends, this
is where the wavyness (if that is a word lol!) comes from.
When you do that it makes the boarders to big, they will have
 to much fullness.

Then it is important to pin your boarder lining it up at each end.

After you have pinned your boarder on each end I lay everything
out flat and pin the center.  

 I start to add pins in between to hold the boarder on.
It is ok to use as may pins as you need.  
Just remember to remove your pin right before you sew in
that spot so you do not run over the pin with your needle.

After you sew your boarder on it is important to set
your seems.  Please PRESS do not iron, by ironing
that will also contribute to wavy boarders as well.

Then PRESS open.

Now repeat doing the same thing for the sides.

This is my end result.
Hope this help sweet friends.

Hope you have a beautiful week.



  1. Hi Donna thankyou so much for showing us how to do this,you are sucha generous lady.
    Hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. What a beautiful heart!...I think I made that for my Aurifil BOM...anyway..Love your post...Dumb,Dumb me found this exact tutorial on Bonnie Hunter's web site...(Which I've been looking at for around 10 years)So now I hope my borders come out perfect.
    Have a Sparkling week my Friend,
    Hugs, Debra in Ma.

  3. Thanks Donna! I always avoid borders because mine never end up great. I was doing everything you said not to! I'm going to try your way now :)

  4. The result is awesome, Donna! Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I'm looking forward to share the photos of the ready Valentine heart. Hope my George will like it. He's coming home on Saturday - just the time to congratulate him on the holiday:)
    Bless you,
    Writer from page

  5. Hi Donna! Thank you - you know I need all the help I can get! I would love to make a heart like yours. Maybe I could adapt the pumpkin or strawberry pattern? Just count the squares? I DO LOVE everything you make. So cute.

  6. LOVE the heart quilt, beautiful!!! This is how I do my borders too - well done girl.

  7. You do such nice things with love Janice

  8. Wonderful Heart Block. Love all the pretty colors. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Hi Donna! Hope you are doing good! You always make everything look so easy. I wish I could quilt like you!❤

  10. I'd like to see how you finish the back. Does half of the border go around the back?

  11. Going to make one of those darling patchwork heart blocks right now!