Friday, September 4, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Friday's

Hello sweet friends!
It is already Friday and time for Farm Girl Vintage Friday's.
(time is just flying by for me)

This is my Egg Basket Block.
I sew loved making this block.  I have been so in love with basket blocks lately.

Here is my County Cross Roads and
Haystack block.
I made both of these 6 inches to mingle along with my 12 inch blocks.

Hope y'all are all doing well and doing what you love.



  1. Really cute! I started back to work - so don't know how much time I will have to sew, but I thoroughly enjoyed it this summer. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me! Blessings this week!

  2. Oh Yes! Such sweet quilt blocks!

  3. Hi Donna these blocks are pretty cute my friend xx

  4. What a beautiful Basket! you do have an eye for color Donna. Your blocks are just yummy...I Love it over here, it's a pick up for me when I'm feeling Blue..Thank you for that comfort feeling.

  5. Donna, I just love that basket block to very sweet and love the material.. Have a great day and thank you for the visit ☺️ ❤️

  6. Sweet sweet blocks - especially that basket, wow!

  7. Hi Donna finally stopping in I love your basket block its very pretty. Hope all is well with love Janice