Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sew Sweet Bee and Some Quilting

Happy Hump Day sweet friends.
Can you believe February is almost over?
It has been very cold and dreary here.  But we are not North enough to get all sleet some people are getting.  I would love to have a snow day.

This Sew Sweet Bee block is for Alanna at A Merry Mix she is queen bee this month.  Alanna choose the Flying Dutchman block after an antique quilt she found.  She asked all of us to sign them.   I wanted to embroider my name.  But I could not get past the d and I took it out.  I can not seem to embroider letters and like them.

This is a sweet Texas Aggie quilt I am quilting for Carla over at My Life A Little Of This A Little Of That I love how Carla incorporated denim in her quilt.

This is a baby quilt I am doing for Carla.  I thought swirls would be fun on this quilt.

We are still busy working on my shop room.  Sorry there are still not pictures we are just getting the lights up.  Hopefully this weekend we can start putting shelves up and I will start taking pictures to show you my new Lavender Nest.

Hope y'all are having a great week and staying warm.



  1. I bet the embroidered name looks better than you think. We're alway our worse critic.
    Can't wait to get those quilts and see them in person. Love the quilting. Thank you Thank you. I'm curious to
    see what you have up your sleeve for the other quilt. I know it's gonna be great.
    So the shop is it in the house or a separate building?
    I can't wait to see some pictures.

  2. Hello, lady! February has been rather lousy weather-wise here and it appears March will be coming in like a Lion. I look forward to the lamb at the end of the month. Mother Nature better keep her end of the bargain with that rhyme.

  3. Your block looks pretty in red and pink, Donna.

  4. I LoVe the name of your shop Donna... and your quilting looks wonderful too. xox

  5. How wonderful! Oh to have your patience. Thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing all the beautiful art that others make. Have a lovely day.

  6. Hi Donna love the baby quilt,cant wait to see your lavender nest xx

  7. I can't believe it's almost March and we're still having record cold - hoping March goes out like a lamb around here. Your block is GORGEOUS. What stitch were you using to embroider? I prefer backstitch, and if you try it with only one strand of floss it might be easier. Your quilting is STUNNING, Donna!

  8. I love quilts! And as creative as I am.. you would think I might make a few... Haha.. but the truth of the matter is Im an lazy and I think making a quilt takes ambition and determination. some day I hope to find enough of that with in myself to make my own quilt.. but for now.. I just have to enjoy the old beat up ones I have here and all the beautiful ones I see "out here" that you awesome quilt makers make! lol! Have a great day! xoxo

  9. I love the quilting designs you used on these quilts. Also - you have the cutest vintage pictures all the time - I love when you post them.
    Yes, February is almost done - spring is one month closer :)!

  10. I want to join the Sew Sweet Bee block of the month program. Who is hosting this bee and how do I sign up to be a part of it.

  11. Donna,
    I cannot wait to see your New Lavender Nest! I have just found your blog and will be back to read more.
    Have a Happy Quilting Day!

  12. Hope your weather is improving! It's been mostly a miserable winter here. No warm weather in sight either. Your bee block is so pretty! Can't go wrong with flying geese in a pretty palette!