Monday, December 29, 2014

Pam Kitty Garden Is In The Shop

Happy Monday sweet people.

It has been a cold rainy weekend here.  Perfect timing for Pam Kitty Garden to come in.
This fabric is gorgeous and you can find it in my shop.  I promise you are going to love each piece.  This fabric line just has to be the sweetest.

Well, you are never going to guess I was sick again.  But this time it started on Christmas day.   I slept most of the day and went to the Dr. the next day.  Got some antibiotics and I am finally feeling much better.    This being sick is so tiring. 

I hope all of you are feeling well and had an awesome Christmas.  

This year hubby and I did not exchange gifts.  Instead we are thinking we may go somewhere and play in the snow.  

Hope you have a great Monday.



  1. That fabric is gorgeous!!! I'm so sorry to hear you're sick again hon, I pray you feel better soon and that you do get to go play in the snow - I'm just glad we don't have any here, lol. Apparently we had the least snowiest December in 125 years!

  2. I was sick the couple of days before Christmas and am finally starting to feel better also. I love that fabric!

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Donna. Have fun in the snow! xx

  4. Such beautiful new fabrics!! Glad to hear you are feeling much better, being sick is no fun! Playing in the snow sounds fun!! :) It's flurrying here today! Happy New Year!! xo Holly

  5. Loving this fabric! Glad you are feeling better :)