Monday, November 3, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Hello chickadee's.

I was so thrilled when Greg at Grey Dogwood Studio asked me to join in the Around The World Blog Hop.  This blog hop has been going on now for a few months.  So I will show you what I am working on and tell you a little bit about donnaslavendernest.

What am I working on?

I showed you this gem a couple of months ago when I scored it at a resale shop.  It only needed a few repairs and now that they are done I plan on loading it on the machine and quilting it.  As you can see it does have a few stains on it but I am hoping those will come out after it is soaked.
Stayed tuned I will show you more progress during the week.

Why do I create?

I have always loved to create, even as a little girl begging my grandmother to let me sew.  She would buy us embroidery designs to do and yarn to create.    I love having a finished projecs.  Although lately I am starting more projects and not getting anything finished.  LOL!   We have a retreat coming up maybe I will finish something during that time?

How does my work differ from others?

Geez, this one is hard to answer.  I love everything vintage just like most of you.  So maybe that is not it.  I am guessing it is that I put more lavenders and purples in everything I do. 

How does my creative process work?

Oh boy, I look through a lot of books and I have tons of patterns.  In blog land there are a lot of creative ladies out there that I just love.   To name a few Pam Kitty, Lori Holt, Darlene Zimmerman I could go on and on.  

If you have not been to Grey Dogwood Studio you must pay him a visit.  You are going to be in love with everything he does.   He loves the same sweet fabrics we all do and he knows how to put them together.
Thank you so much Greg for including me on the tour.

Hope y'all have a quilty Monday.



  1. Gorgeous quilt, I will be interested to see how you finish it.

  2. Hi, Donna! I'm so glad Greg tagged you. I've just been poking around in your shop and Greg's right -- you DO have fantastic goodies for sale! How can you bear to even sell them? If I had a fabric shop, I would want to keep all the pretty fabrics for myself and only sell the ugly ones. So, no fabric shop in my future... ;-) I think it's so cool that you "rescued" that top and you're going to finish it. Have you thought about how you'll do the quilting yet?

  3. Hi Donna! This was a fun post. It was good to read about you!
    That quilt you're working on is amazing!
    Hugs, Erica

  4. Hi Donna, It was nice to find out a little about you. Your quilt will be lovely when you've quilted it. I still haven't touched mu DWR since I went on retreat back in August!

  5. That quilt is just gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it quilted!! So fun to read this post! Have a wonderful week Donna! xo Heather

  6. Hi Donna !!! Is so beutiful quilt !!!!

  7. So nice to learn more about you and your quilting. You quilt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi sweet Donna! Your quilt is gorgeous! And your post was a joy to read :) Happy Tuesday, my friend!

  9. Your quilt will be beautiful when it's finished, and it's a nice way to link the past with today. And I wouldn't worry if the stains don't all come out - it just has character, like us! And thanks so much for your kind words!

  10. Your quilt is going to be even more beautiful once quilted, lovely post to read. xx

  11. Hi Donna, oh that quilt is lovely - don't worry if the stains don't come out, it's still a treasure!! Maybe I should send you my vintage finds to finish, lol...

  12. I love that quilt you are restoring! It will be a treasure when you are done!

  13. I know I love everything you do. LOL
    I need to sew something with your vintage fabrics because I do like them.
    I'm pulling out the sue bonnet sue quilt tonight and stroll thru your fabric for a backing or two for you to help me choose. Hug Lavender Chickie