Monday, May 5, 2014

Geez Look What I Did and Yoga Bags

Good morning sweet friends.
Look what I did.
I can not believe I did this.   Normally when I wash a quilt with red I will put 2 or 3 color catchers in the wash.  Well this time for some crazy reason I only put 1.  My quilt turned PINK.  Color catchers are awesome and they work great.  This has not ever happen to me before.  I think that just one sheet gets over whelmed and could no longer catch all the color in the wash.

I love washing my quilts it makes them soft and crinkly.   This is a Micheal Miller print I have had for years.  I bought it at a quilt store that was going out of business.  It is so sweet.  I know I have seen it at Hobby Lobby recently.

I had some bandanna fabric for the back.  So you can see now why I should of used 2 or 3 color catchers.  Well, that is why I say Happiness is Homemade.  It is just a little more girly now.  

Joyce from and I meet for lunch last week.  It is always so good to catch up with her.  We could just talk for hours.
Joyce makes the cutest Yoga bags.  They are made from 100% cotton.  To buy one of Joyce's bags you can visit her at 

Here is a look at the inside.  Joyce also makes other bags.

Here are a few of her pencil bags.
  You must pay Joyce a visit and take a look around her store. 

This is a tote that Joyce made for me.  I just love it, it goes with me on retreat and when I travel.  Thank you so much Joyce for the lunch last week.  I really love getting to catch up with you.

Hope y'all have an awesome week.



  1. Sorry about that. No fun to have your colors run.

  2. Hi Donna,what a shame with the quilt can you rewash and put more colour catches in.
    How nice you got to catch up with a friend.xx

  3. Oh, goodness! Well, it still looks beautiful!! And, such cute prints!! Love the bag, too!! Have a wonderful week Donna! xo Heather

  4. Oh no! I don't always remember to add the color catcher either, but I haven't had a problem yet...fingers crossed. Your friend Joyce is a talented lady! I am a quilt maker and rarely dabble in bags. Too complicated for me:)

  5. I agree Happiness is Homemade! Love Joyce's yoga bags....awesome!

  6. Ohhhh Noooo... but your quilt still looks pretty in pink!
    Joyce's bags look great...and I'm so pleased you two are still friends! Awesome :)

  7. Thanks, Donna! You're the bestest!! I had a great time at lunch also. See you soon!!

  8. Thanks, Donna! I had the best time at lunch!! We'll do it again soon. Cute quilt!

  9. Never heard if color catchers! They are sheets? Like fabric softeners?

  10. Very cute, Donna !!!! Amazing bags !!! :)

  11. I think your Quilt is Lovely Donna just the way it is....I have stitched that phrase on a band for my kitchen a few years ago..Ha..'Happiness is Homemade" very true...

  12. That sucks about the colors bleeding.
    Love the bags