Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a GREAT Class

Good morning all of you sweet friends.

I am just learning about  It is a great source for taking classes from quilting, sewing, crochet etc.  When I saw there was a class about curves I knew I just had to view that class  It is a great class by Jodie Davis.  Jodie teaches how to piece curves the traditional way and a paper piecing technique.  Jodie really makes it easy and has some great tips.   It is a great class and a must see.  To take the class you can go here   Hope you all enjoy the class as much as I did.

Hope you are all having a quilty day.  



  1. Sounds very helpful! I will have to check out the site :) Have a lovely day, Donna. Hugs!

  2. Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing!! Happy sewing! xo Heather

  3. Have you tried any of the classes on Craftsy. They have some good claases also.

  4. sounds like you are having a lot of fun Donna,enjoy.xx

  5. Always fun to learn something new!