Friday, June 21, 2013

Sale in My Shop

Happy Friday Chick a dee's.  

This morning I sent out my very first email for my shop I wanted to announce that I am having a 25% off SALE and that I am going to do flat rate shipping.  Most customers tell me that is what they like.  I am also going to be shipping your order for FREE when you order $75. or more (in the U.S. ONLY please) . If you did not get my newsletter and want to so you can find out what is going on in my shop you can go here to sign up.

In other news I am still cleaning up my yard.  It is so hard to catch up.  We have not had much rain so everything is drying up and we are having to water.  My sewing machine has been calling out to me but I just want to finish up the yard so I can move on to the next thing.  Maybe this weekend I will take a break from it and get to do some sewing.  

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend.



  1. All the best with your "sale" Donna! Have fun in your yard and you can have some of our rain if you like...
    You'll get to "play" on your machine soon! :)

  2. Oh I hear ya Donna, but there's no way in H$#* I'm doing any yardwork in 110 degrees! Best of luck on your new shop setup and I hope you sell everything! One of these days I hope to be able to have a reason to buy some of your fabric, but I'm not sewing much lately, just jammies for Sandy.


  3. Hopefully your sale will be a success. I know yard work is fun but you need a little quality time with your sewing machine.

  4. Good luck on your sale!! All of your fabrics are so sweet! Wishing you a lovely weekend out in the yard and maybe being able to get some sewing in!! :) xo Holly