Friday, April 12, 2013

Where does the time go?

Oh boy I feel like it is a whirl wind around here.  I finished a customers quilt last weekend.    Today I was off and I just feel beat from the week of being tugged.  I feel like my brains are mush.  But I did clean up my sewing room.  It is getting harder to go in there with my asthma.  So I dusted picked up and cleaned the carpet.  I have a feeling the carpet is going to have to go.

Here is some fabric and a pattern that Betty Lou sent me from
  She is so sweet.  I came across some fabric in my stash and I thought of Betty Lou since she likes the Cival War era fabrics.  And Betty Lou knows how much I LOVE 30's fabric so she was so sweet to send me some out of her stash.  The pattern looks like a lot of fun to make.  I am looking forward to making it.  Thank you so much Betty Lou for being so sweet.

I have also been shopping at Erica's market Monday over at
My first order was sewing  notions and embroidered lace.  The second order was of Christmas goodies.  Looking at this picture I can see I should of took separate pictures.  (Sorry)   Erica has such a good eye for the cutest stuff.  

Erica also included this super sweet fabric. I just love it.  All the little animals are so sweet.  Oh I am always so excited when I receive things in the mail from Erica.    Thank you so much Erica you are a total sweet heart.

Hope you have had a great Friday.


  1. Oh so many lovelies there! You're in for a great weekend enjoying them all! :)

  2. lots of gorgeous things there Donna,have a good weekend.xx

  3. Such sweetness and I love 30's repros, too!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  4. Lots of goodies Donna. I hope your asthma is not causing you too many probs.
    Hugs xx

  5. Take care and don't let you Asthma get bad. Love your new treasures. Hugs

  6. Indeed, lots of pretty things :) Have a lovely Sunday!


  7. Have a good week. Sounds like you have a great project compliments of your friend.

  8. I can't wait t see what you make with those pretty fabrics. I also bought some cuties from Erica-she is great. Hope your asthma gets under control.