Saturday, February 9, 2013

Machine Quilting

Good morning Chickadee's.  I am so happy I have decided to offer machine quilting.  When I quilt I ONLY use 100% cotton batting and thread.  The pricing will depend on how big your quilt is.  So please send me and email and I happy to give your pricing.

You are never going to believe I finished the t-shirt quilt for a customer (in the post below) and totally forgot to take a picture of it.  DUH!  I called her and she said she be here in like 20 minutes.  All I could think of was to pick up the house.  It was not that bad but I hate for someone to come over and it is all cluttered.

Today I am going to put the binding on the surprise quilt so I can get it mailed out this week.  I promise to remember to take a picture of that one. 

Hope you are having a GREAT weekend.  


  1. That is wonderful! I wish you lived closer :) Those machine cost so much sister works at a quilt shop and her friend has a long arm...she machine quilted my first baby quilt...I did the applique :)
    ((HUGS))Can't wait to see the quilt :)

  2. Sweet. It is nice that you are offering longarm quilting. I am sure those in your area will be very happy.

  3. you are so clever.xx

  4. So wonderful Donna!! Your quilting is always beautiful! xo Heather

  5. That little Valentine with the girl at the sewing machine is darling! Maybe you could "Clone" her

  6. You will probably be inundated with requests to machine quilt. One of my friends has a long arm and she has a wait list of several months.

  7. How exciting. I'll let my SIL know-because she does alot of beautiful quilts.

  8. Hi Donna!
    Oh...I feel your pain. Countless times over the years I have forgotten to take photos of projects (in fact, just this past week) that I have made for others.
    I can hardly wait to see what you are up to and ooo and ahh!
    Blessings and Happy Valentine's Day,
    Carolynn xoxo