Saturday, June 23, 2012

On Sale

Hi y'all.  I have decided to put my pattern on sale.  The sale price is $5.  So if any of you are interested please email or visit me at my Etsy store.  

Driving to my home town today which is only like 20 minutes away we found a garage sale.  I scored a couple of things.  This is a draw string bag and I think it is feedsack fabric it looks and fells like it.  The string stitching is missing but it looks like 2 feedsack bags sewn together.  Maybe it will have a little place in a Halloween or children's quilt.

This is a piece of a vintage sheet.  Sorry the picture is bad but my lighting was not very good since it was getting dark outside.  I found a few more things but they are soaking right now.  I will show you tomorrow.

This is an apron I am working on.  But by looking at the pictures I think I should use red check and not the yellow?  

This is my delima.  In the picture the rick looks like it matches some what but in person it looks like it needs to have a little more green in it.    Thought I would see what y'all think.

Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend.


  1. Hello Donna! I'm in LOVE with that apron fabric!!! :) The red check would be perfect! I think the rick rack is fine. It blends well. I don't think it has to be perfect. Hope this helps! Take care! :)

  2. i think the ric rac matches well,you will get away with it,the apron is lovely.xx

  3. Hello my dear! How are you?
    Miss you Donna, there on my blog ... Her coat is getting too cute, I loved it! And unfortunately we live so far away for me to buy their work ...
    I would love you to give a stop by my blog to see some personal photos I posted, I'll take them just because they do not like to have personal photos on the blog.
    Have a great Sunday my dear friend. Hugs and blessings

  4. Hi, Donna! I'd go with that rick rack. It will be so pretty and cute! How something looks when it's worn and how it looks when staring at it for acuaracy are two different things! ♥

  5. Love your finds and that is a beautiful apron. I see your issue with the rick rack. I think you might be better off going with a red/pink? This is a tricky problem. I have run into many times...I love it though the print is gorgeous. Smiles..Renee

  6. Love your blog and all things vintage too! I think the ric rac is fine...remember how our grandmothers used what they had - I'm not sure they would worry as much as we do when we replicate what they have done!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours better!

  7. If it doesn't feel right to you now, it never will be. Red would be a good choice. Some good finds.

  8. Hi there Donna...would sure grab up the offer to buy your pattern if I really knew how to sew...I'm not very good at it..AT ALL!
    Love all the vintage material..

  9. By the pictures I think the rick-rack matches is so hard to get an exact match with trims...especially if you use vintage colors. I like it...but a dark pink would work as well and you can never go wrong with red.

  10. Oh, Donna your apron is beautiful!! Maybe a red or a pink like Renee said would work best! How know how that is when I crochet the edgings on my tea towels. Trying to find the right color to match the print! Thank you so much for your order. It means a lot! Have a lovely evening! xo Heather

  11. Oh no the blue colour is fine Donna. I think it looks wonderful.
    Good luck with sales of your pattern too! :)