Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Friday Carla and I went antiquing.  We had a blast.  Found a sweet little restaurant that had the best burgers.  I got these Swanie salt and pepper shakers.  At least I think they are Swanie?   (I am not sure how to spell it either) giggles.   Got them at a really good price.  ( almost a steal )  They looked like they  had been in the store window for a while by the way the tag looked.

Next door was a resale shop.  Everything that was over a dollar was 1/2 price.   I got these cute little milk glass saucers in a bundle.   I also got some crocheted dollies for a $1 a piece.  Sorry I can not show them to you they are soaking in the sink.  The fabric in the back ground is something I just got in the mail from fabric. com.  It is a piece by Tanya Whelan Sugar Hill.  I so love it.

On Saturday David took me antiquing again.  I think it is the American Pickers that keep me hooked.   giggles   Oh boy I found these Swanie pig salt and pepper shakers.   You are never going to believe I got the pair for $12.   Just so happens one of the little pigs has a slight chip on the top of his ear.   You can hardly tell.  I am really not a pig collector or a collector of salt and pepper shakers.   But there is something about these Swanie pigs that are just so cute to me.  I am not sure if it is there sweet little eyes or if they remind me of my grandmother and great grandmother??

These two pieces of sweet fabrics just came in the mail this week also.  Again from  They are A is for Annabelle.  I just fell in love with them and could not resist them.  Not sure what I am going to make with them.  Maybe I will just drool over them for a while.

This is a late Christmas gift from my sister.   This is a phone table we had while we where growing up.  We even carved on it while we where talking on the phone.   When we where cleaning up my dad's house it was still there by the phone.  My sister took it and cleaned it up for me as a SURPRISE Christmas gift.    It was so sweet of her to do that.  Thank you so much Wanda for doing that for me.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and is able to get some sewing done.


  1. Hi Donna,
    Those are such cheerful salt and pepper shakers! Wouldn't they look cute in a kitchen window sill? That fabric is so pretty. I don't know what I would do with it either? I have some pretty fabric that I get out and am afraid to cut, now isn't that silly? Hey! Maybe you could make a new cover for the the little phone bench? But she probably already fixed that up.. Anyways, I am happy you went antiquing and had found some treasures!

  2. lovely post Donna.xx

  3. I very good thrifting weekend. Think of all the countless hours you spent at that little phone bench talking to girl and boy friends. Oh, what fun.

  4. Love all your goodies but did I miss the photo of the piggies! Lucky you have such a sweet sister! enjoy!

  5. Love the little salt and pepper shakers, and love the fabric! You lucky girl!!

  6. Super sweet fabrics! I've never heard of Swanie pottery before, so I'll have to go look that up.

  7. Love all your pretties you purchased! I think American Pickers have us all looking for goods :)
    The fabric is gorgeous ... wonder what you will make?
    Your sister is so kind to clean and give you the telephone table! I see the purple on it!

  8. Lovely finds Donna. What a special Christmas gift from your Sister. I love furniture with stories.

  9. I am so glad I am not the only one that gets in trouble at fabric stores. Worse than a book store for me! Oh those swannies..It is the color for me. Sweet and pastel. I have a similar set. Well done. My kids love pickers as much as I do. Wish they knew the value of a phone table? Smiles..Renee

  10. You got lots of awesome stuff! Great finds! :)

  11. Sure wish I could go thrifting with you! You always find such pretty things at great prices:)


  12. Loving that phone table...haven't seen one in years...
    sounds like you all had a wonderful time..good for you.

  13. What lovely little treasures you have found well done xxx

  14. Thank you for visiting Me.I love all your goodies.The piggy's also remind Me of one of My Grannies.In fact, I think I remember those two in her salt and pepper collection in the 50s.

  15. What a special gift from your sister! Like you, I've discovered American Pickers and I'm hooked! I think I would like the places you visited. Sounds like lots of good deals to be had!