Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Sack Swap

Thursday night  David and I met Joyce and her hubby at Carbabba's for dinner and to open our Santa Sack Swap gifts..  Joyce and her hubby are such a sweet couple.  We have a lot fun and a lot of laughs when we get together.  You can visit Joyce at
 Just look at all the goodies just waiting to be unwrapped.  Cheryll at is our swap momma.  You should visit her blog to see all the wonderful goodies everyone exchanged.

This was one of Joyce's final gifts from me.

Joyce made me this sweet purple polka dot and paisley apron.  I just love how she put it together.

These are some pot holders Joyce made to go with my apron.  The underneath picture is the back side or maybe the front.  I just love them.  The quilting is awesome and Joyce free motioned quilted these.  She has a great talent.

Oh and just look at the older magazines.  They are full of visions just waiting to unfold.  I just love the fabric I am in love with floral's as well.

I love this fabric bowl.  Going to have to learn how to do this.

The charm pack is full of beautiful cottagey fabrics.  The tags are just the cutest things and I just love the button pins.  Oh yes there is lavender in there.

I just love love these Christmas polka dot towels.  The pot holders are a great surprise.  Joyce was just showing me a pair of these and I was admiring them wishing I had a set.  Well Santa brought them.

This is some GREAT stationary and cup coasters.  That is another thing I just love to collect is stationary.  It is just like fabric can never have enough.

This is a pack of feed sacks oh yes I said feed sacks.  There is 2 of each print.  I am in feed sack heaven.

This is a WONDERFUL book.  I have just looked through it a million times now it is time to actually read it.  I just love all the illustrations.  To bad I was to young to wear a dress like that.  Well I do not think my waist was ever that tiny. (giggles)

This advent calender Joyce made me had some wonderful goodies it.  Oh and if you know me you know I could not wait to see what was in each pocket.  I put all the gifts on the pocket so you could see all my surprises.   Thank you so much Joyce.  I truly love all my gifts.  You are a real sweet heart.  Now all we need to do is wait for you to finish your next marathon.  So we can go antiquing/ fabric shopping.

I would also like to Thank Cheryll at for being such a sweet swap momma.


  1. Just look at that overflowing table of presents - what fun and what lovely goodies!

  2. Lots of lovely gifts there Donna. So love the apron & potholders. Hugs,

  3. Donna what a wonderful lots of gifts you got,i so love that apron,this has been an awesome swap of Cheryll's,take care.xx

  4. A lovely lot of gifts you got there.... Happy Christmas

  5. Oh Donna what gorgeous gifts!!! That Sew Retro book really caught my eye, I love the illustrations too - I'll have to look for it! Merry Christmas to YOU, dear girl!

  6. Oh, my goodness! You are surely blessed! What wonderful things you have exchanged! I would be all goo goo!

  7. WooHoo DOnna. Joyce made you lots of fantastic gifts didn't she.You must have been a very good girl! I'm so happy you enjoyed this swap. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Swap Mama and FriEnD!
    Hugs sent from Me :)

  8. Lots of lovely gifts there Donna, how nice you got to exchange in person.

  9. What fun! I loved the apron--it's so you! I have the Sew Retro book and look at it all the time. It really is a great book to have.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Oh my gosh did you get a lot of wonderful gifts Donna! Lots of talented ladies, for sure. Just looking at this post is a reminder not to get in a swap because I am still going crazy trying to finish my gifts this year.It looks like so much fun but no way would I have time! I give you gals credit. Kinda looking forward to January! Bah humbug? No, just tired!! I Love the pictures of Duchess, she is so sweet. . . but now I want to see one of her in her purple stroller. And thank you again for my wonderful surprise package in the mail. I love it.

  11. WOW!!!!! what a fabulous time was had by all and the GIFTS!!! FABULOUS!!!! sending tons of holiday hugs to you and yours!!!!!!!!!