Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finally able to get some more of my pictures out of my camera and  I wanted  to show you.   I got this WONDERFUL SURPRISE from Cherise at  I just love this quilted pillow sham she sent me.  The lavenders and purples are just GREAT.   Thank you so much Cherish for thinking of me.  I just LOVE my SURPRISE. 

My husband did a GREAT job.  We are kinda at a point where there is not much we can think of that we want. (other than fabric) giggles.   So I emailed him a few books that I would like.  And he picked out a few more he thought I would like.  It is so hard to surprise each other well this time it worked.  He knows how I just LOVE surprises.   

The books he picked are The Perfect Apron and The Farm Chicks Christmas.  I have been enjoying all my new books and I am getting some WONDERFUL visions.

We have also been working on my sewing room.  I just can not seem to get it right.  David was so sweet he put up some more shelves for me.  Just trying to make more room.   I am also so EXCITED we ordered my quilting machine today and I can not wait.  I have just out grew my small machine and can not wait to be able to quilt with more throat room.   

Well it is time to snuggle hope you have sweet dreams.



  1. Beautiful gifts, Donna - and boy, what a hubby!!! He's a keeper!

  2. What a lovely lot of books Donna,hubby picked well,enjoy your new machine.xx

  3. What a nice surprise from your hubby! Do you really like the Farm Chick's Christmas book? I was thinking of buying it. I LOVE Country Living magazine and have one of their books which I love, too. Enjoy reading and making all those new projects!

  4. What a lucky girl. Your husband is a keeper. Those are some great books. Some that I might just have to look up. I can't believe you got a new quilter....I am so jealous. Just to be able to do work like that....oh a girl can dream....smiles...Renee

  5. You are a very lucky girl Miss Donna! Wishing you a wonderful 2012...xx

  6. Love your new pillow sham and the perfect color!
    Your hubby did great with his shopping! Great books :)

  7. Oh, my gosh! Those books look like fun! What a good hubby you have! Can't wait to see how they inspire you.
    God bless you.