Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can you believe tomorrow is already Monday.  WOW where does the weekend go.  I am not even sure what I did.  

I am into a paper doll craz.  I just love them.  Can you believe these Shirley Temple paper dolls still in the box and have never been cut?  The prices where good on all the paper dolls so I could not pass them up.

I am not sure about this set but they where to cute and needed a home.

Oh and this Little Women set.  The cloths are in the inside of this book.  They are like new so I am not sure if this is an old set or not? But I love them anyway, I think I have only seen the movie a couple of times and loved it.  Now I need to try and find the movie.  (I think Amazon is calling giggles)

This was another cute set.  I am not sure about them either but the price was right. (I think like a $1)   The cloths are so cute.  I am thinking this would look good framed. 

I know I should be doing my Christmas sewing but I have been repurposing an old suit case and can not wait to show you.  I have been working on it here and there for awhile and it has consumed the kitchen table.  It has been moved and now I am doing the inside and thinking about adding some rick rack. 

Hope everyone has had a GREAT weekend.


  1. I played with paper dolls a LOT when I was a little girl!
    I look forward to seeing yout suitcase :D

  2. Oh Donna, I just love your paperdolls! I collect them too, as you know. I really do like the Little Women dolls.

  3. Donna,
    Love the paperdolls ... what a find! I loved playing with them as a young girl.
    I can't wait to see you suitcase!
    Another Monday :(

  4. the paper dolls are cute - I spent ages playing with them when I was a kid. The re-purposed suitacase sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing it!

  5. Donna I love paper dolls too and recently ordered some on line of reprints, can give you the link if you are interested. I will use mine for my scrap booking (I guess.)
    Thanks for you compliments on the turquoise blouse I'm sewing. I'm now going to start on the lining which is Egyptian cotton in a
    deep violet in color. I have a name for it but I can't spell it lol !

  6. I'm thinking that the pd's from Martha Pullen are probably from around 2004 give or take a couple of years. They sometimes appeared in her magazines back then as well. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  7. Paper Dolls were my favorite to play with. Loved cutting them out and stored them between the pages of a Life magazine. My mother could take me to the store on Saturday and buy a paper doll book for 10 cents. Good memories.

  8. I love paper dolls too! That was one thing I loved about Mary Engelbreit's magazine, every month there were paper dolls. You got some great deals. Can't wait to see that suitcase!

  9. Darling paper doll's...I played paper doll's alot as a child. Your post's are alway's darling, you do have the knack.
    Thank you for dropping by I love your comment's.
    I said yesterday cant Sunday be extended....hub's said no (DANG).
    Have a great week anyway.

  10. Hi Donna!

    I have great memories of playing with paperdolls too. My mom used to cut out the Betsy McCall paperdoll from McCall's Magazine when I was young. Not too many Betsy's in the world, and we both had brown eyes and brown hair. I loved seeing what the outfit was each month. I look for McCall's magazines when I'm at antique stores or flea markets in hopes that the paperdoll is still inside. Paperdolls were such a simple concept, but provided so many hours of fun and imagination.

  11. WOW! What a great collection. That Shirley Temple one is adorable!

  12. gee Donna that brings back memories i used to spend hours playing with my paper dolls and i used to make my own paper cloths for them out of old mags,thankyou for bringing these memories back.oxox