Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today was a busy but fun day.  David took me to pick out some purple automotive paint to paint my Featherweight.  I can not wait to show ya'll when it is all finished.  While we where in Rosenberg he offered to take me antiquing and you know I will never pass that up.  I found a few treasures.  I found these vintage
crocheted pot holders and some Pyrex bowls like my mom used to have.  Sorry I can not show you those right now they are the dishwasher.  I was so proud of myself everything I bought was at garage sale prices.  Yahhhhh.  David has got my Featherweight all ready to take and have it painted on Monday.  I am so excited I can not stand myself.

I did get to sew a little bit and I am almost done with the quilting on my sisters quilt.  I just take to many breaks when I am quilting.  And of course Duchess will let me know when it is time to play or go out.
Well it is time for bed.




  1. Very cute pot holders.My Nana was a beautiful crocheter and I always think of her when I see any.

  2. Hi Donna, just love the pot holders, I stumbled across your blog thru Michelle Ridgways blog. I do love your pin board! Happy stitching from a new follower in New Zealand, Michelle

  3. You've got me excited to see it! Lots of pic's soon please. :)

  4. Oh what sweet goodies you found. :o)

  5. ps. Can't wait to see your purple sewing machine. :o) How cute that will be!

  6. I can't wait to see your purple machine!! I would love to have a purple one ... mine is black.
    The potholders are adorable! I collect them too. I found a cute one last week at an antique store.