Sunday, January 23, 2011

This morning I decided I would make some valentiney things.  Last year I bought boxes of chocolates in heart boxes and I saved the boxes.  Thinking I would decorate them.  Last Valentines Day came and went so I have them for this year.  I have only done one so far.  My thought is to fill it with goodies and give as a gift. So I thought I would share it with you.

You just have to love it when your husband comes up with an easier idea on how to something.  I was covering buttons when he stopped by my sewing room and tells me he has something that would make it easier.  Yahhh!  It is one of his reloading presses. 

When you are ready to put the back on your button you just pull the handle and it pushes it right down.  I can make buttons all day with this thing.  

TaDa beautiful buttons.  Well it is time for me to put some more stitches in Brayden's quilt.



  1. Your box is absolutely ADORABLE!!! What a great idea, and yours are SO pretty!!! I just have to say....your husband is a genius!!! Who would have thought of that but a guy? AWESOMENESS!!!

  2. Hubby's do help Lovely work on the boxes. :)

  3. The box turned out so beautifully!! What are ya gonna fill it with? Cookies, candies, BUTTONS? Your buttons are so sweet and adorable.
    Patricia :o)