Long Arm Pricing

 All over Quilting
I know a lot of time and hard work go into a quilt.  Let me help you finish your beautiful quilt with beautiful quilting. 
I offer edge to edge computer quilting.

I do trim your quilt after quilting and send back any extras.

Simply  measure your quilt top width x your length and multiply x .02
Example if your quilt is 65 inches long x 72 long = 4,680 square inches.
Now multiply the 4,680 square inches x .02 = $93.60

 Please cut your backing and batting 5 inches bigger than the quilt top all the way around.
So if your quilt measures 65 x 72  
You would cut your backing and batting 70 x 77

I can piece your backing for $10.00 a seam.

Preparing your quilt to mail
 I do try my best to clip threads as I go, but I may miss a few sew please clip as many threads as you can.

I use USPS Priority to ship your quilt back to you.  If you prefer me to ship it back using someone else please let me know.  

Thread charge is $5.00 per quilt.
For Queen and King size quilt $10 per quilt. 

 I use high quality Warm and Natural or Warm and White batting.
If you choose to ship your own batting that is perfecting fine, but please NO
fluffy batting
Batting is $11.00 per yard.

 Please visit my Pinterest page for my pantograph selection.  I am always adding new pantographs so  if there is something you would like and do not see it I am happy to order it for you.

Machine binding includes making the binding, plus sewing the binding on completely by machine .12 per linear inch

Machine binding includes making the binding, plus sewing the binding on by machine and finishing it by hand sewing it down  .20 per linear inch.

If you would like for me to machine sew the binding on the front and the customer finishes later .10 per linear inch.

Customer must provide enough fabric to make the binding.

 You can contact me at lavenderrose1965@gmail.com
or feel free to DM on Instagram  donnaslavendernest

 ** $50.00 Minimum please **
                                                                   Love and Hugs,

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